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Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing, SEM, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords Management. Regardless of what you call it, this is at the core of what we do.

Paid Google Advertising

We're a Google Partner and have spent years maximizing budgets towards results. It starts with a plan, and we drive home optimization until we get the results we want. Our search marketing experts have the knowhow and competitive drive to build a system that will get better clicks, more often, for less money.

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Bing / Yahoo!

People still use Bing. In fact, it has an 18% market share in the US. (source) It is also popular amongst certain professional and demographic groups that are unable to change their browser settings. We use Bing and Yahoo! advertising when it's appropriate and to find areas of opportunity. We have years of experience using Bing advertising and feel it's a necessary platform to consider.


Baidu is the "Chinese Google." In order to connect with a Chinese language audience in North America and overseas, Baidu is definitely the place to start. The PPC program is similar to Adwords, but must be generated from within China. We work with local experts in China to generate sophisticated campaigns which mirror our Adwords efforts.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Prior to engaging, there needs to be a plan. Having years of experience and success in this field allows us to put forth strategies based on knowing what will work.


This is the reason people use search engine marketing - to get results. Conversions from search marketing should be at the root of each campaign, and establishing a metric to hit will allow for a clear path to success.